Responsible Blockchain World Championship


The Responsible Blockchain World Championship (RBWC) brings together top blockchain leaders from academic, policy, business, investment and technology background to identify, build, implement and help to scale the most impactful blockchain initiatives in advancing global digital transform.

  • Competition in 10 cities
  • 20 leading investors as co-chairs

The RBWC was an initiative launched jointly by 20 world blockchain leaders to mobilize $1 trillion to invest in impactful blockchain and other digital technology innovations to address $100 trillion worth of market challenges.

  • 30 Winners to be selected to enter into a 10 week long acceleration program
  • Customized ICO plan incorporating best practices and effective partnership


  • October 4th, 2018
    New York

    RBWC Open to Accept Application at the Responsible Blockchain Dialogue

    Joined by leaders from all over the world, the Responsible Blockchain Dialogue (RBD), was held by FinTech4Good in BNY Mellon New York office on October 4th and in Washington DC on October 10th featuring the launch of the Responsible Blockchain World Championship. Leaders from Draper Dragon Innovation Fund, SOSV, GOBI VC, Blockchain Frontier Venture Fund, Alignment Capital and many other top investment funds will work tirelessly in the next 6 months in multiple countries to select the top 30 blockchain innovations to be accelerated in both China and the USA.

  • October 29th, 2018
    Silicon Valley

    RBWC US Open Event at the Venture Capital Summit

    The Responsible Blockchain World Championship US Open is going to be hosted on Oct29th 2018 in Santa Clara Convention Center in Silicon Valley. Both RBWC co-chairs and start-up representatives will come together to celebrate the launch of the RBWC US at the Venture Capital Summit. The winners will be invited to join the RBWC US Semifinal in New York.

  • November 23, 2018
    Shenzhen China

    RBWC China Open at the Blockchain Funding Academy Launch Event

    The Responsible Blockchain World Championship China Open is going to be hosted on November 23th, 2018 in Shenzhen, China. Both RBWC co-chairs and start-up representatives will come together to celebrate the launch of the RBWC China and the announcement of the Blockchain Funding Academy. Winners will be invited to join the RBWC China Semifinal in January 2019 in Hainan. Three scholarships will be provided for top 3 start-ups to join the Blockchain Funding Academy to be announced at this event. The Blockchain Funding Academy is a five days Blockchain Funding Master Classes. Start-ups will be able to interact with top experts in the industry to raise capital and grow their businesses.

  • Here We Are

  • Time: TBD
    Washington DC

    RBWC US Semifinal at the FinTech4Good Acceleration Program Launch Event

    At this event, qualified start-ups will be invited to Washington DC to join the RBWC US Final. At the RBWC US Final, we will select the top 5 startups to join the FinTech4Good Blockchain Acceleration Program. Start-ups in the FinTech4Good will go through a tailor made 10 weeks intensive program to interact with 50+ investors and 100+ mentors to reach their strategic goals. The bottom one each month will be eliminated from the acceleration program. Star-ups which successfully completed the program will have the opportunity to receive up to $3million investment from our own funds and our syndication funds.



How to Submit your Application?

In each country, a start-up can apply to join one of the 5 teams. Each team is led by two top investors and supported by several media companies. Start-ups will be able to interact with investors and media partners throughout the process. The top 5 of each team will be eligible to enter into the next round and compete with other teams to select the top 5 in each country. All startups who enter into the RBWC Final will have the opportunity to receive acceleration services and investment.

What Benefits can the Winners in Each Country Receive?

·  One full scholarship for the 10 weeks acceleration program and 2 full scholarship for the Blockchain Funding Academy;

·  $50k-$100k investment from our blockchain funds and up to $3million investment from our partner funds;

·  Decentra News Network special episode and featured in leading medias;

·  Eligible to compete in the Responsible Blockchain World Championship and access to our global ecosystem

What is FinTech4Good Acceleration Program in Beijing and Washington DC for RBWC Winners

FinTech4Good Blockchain Acceleration Program selects the most promising blockchain companies, help them to scale up their business and secure the necessary funding to get on track for growth through a 10 week extensive acceleration process. Our modular based weekly program covering all key aspects for launching and funding business. Startups will be mentored with renowned subject matter experts and influencers in the blockchain community and able to access to investor networks and leading digital exchanges to start-ups to meet top goals in targeted areas.

Partnership Opportunities for Investors, Incubators, Business and Media

·  Participation in strategic initiatives developed by the RBWC Committee;

·  Branding and media exposure in RBWC led activities;

·  Joint execution of programs and projects involving grants into startups and innovative companies as well as blockchain technologies

·  Right of First Refusal to invest in specific grantees of the BFF led challenges and hackathons where the member donation was specifically allocated to at a grantees’ later round.

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